:: Welcome To Wholesome 360 :: | One good eating habit at the time and season it with attentive, personalized service.
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Our Story…

Wholesome 360 is an innovative concept in the prepared-meals market born in response to the limited alternatives for healthy and nutritious eats in the Chicagoland area. We bring to the table the various benefits of the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine to support your journey to a stronger, more energetic body.

We believe that well-being begins with fueling your body with high quality nutrition. That’s why our creations are prepared fresh every day using exclusively local produce, hearty grains, and natural meats. We work exclusively with trusted sources and local farmers who pledge to avoid pesticides, chemicals, and processed additives.

True to the Mediterranean tradition, we prepare our meals using clean cooking techniques to derive deep flavors from simple ingredients and preserve essential nutrients without compromising the taste.

Our creations are tailored to your personal preference, seasoned with attentive service, and delivered directly to your door for a hassle-free experience both at home and on the go.

We are committed to improving not only your health, but the well-being of our community. Working with local farmers, we proudly serve humanely-raised and hormone-free meats. We are committed to being a green business, so we strive to minimize waste and to rely on recyclable packaging as much as possible. We also partner with companies who are committed to minimizing their footprint on the environment.

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